Master Maze, Stockholm, Sweden

Master Maze

„You may address Me as Lady ArtMaze, but I am Master Maze for those who are lucky enough to serve me“, says Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze at her website. The Mistress is located in Stockholm, Sweden. On her website things get really exciting and top-class: „Aside from being an elegant and elite professional Dominatrix, I am also a true lady, descended from aristocratic families whose names shall remain secret“. To be honest: I do nothing about the aristocratic roots of the Mistress, but I think you can feel the demanding power and the elite level when you visit the website. So this is all very interesting and I am very pleased that Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze found the time to answer my questions. Enjoy.

Lady Sas: Dear Master Maze, how did you become a Dominatrix?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: A combination of personal motives and interests stemmed to the decision to become a dominatrix.

I was born a dominant individual in an aristocratic family and grew up feeling authoritative and in control, but the dynamic between people and us never touched My soul. It was never genuine, and I wanted to feel that if someone submits to Me, they do so because it is all they can think about and desire.

I’ve always been interested in human psychology and mythology, so maybe the idea of Inanna being the first kin of Dominas in mythology, as well as all the power dynamics and complexities of BDSM, is a way for Me to explore these aspects of human behavior and sexuality.

Then I love exquisite things in life, I like art and rituals, and I am a creative person, so being a dominatrix is a sort of artistic and creative expression that allows Me to build unique experiences with My slaves.

With all of this said, and being naturally inclined towards dominant roles in My personal relationships, as well as enjoying BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) activities, I decided to properly learn how to use this power and desire. So I educated Myself and eventually found a wonderful mentor who taught Me how to harness all this raw energy, deeper psychological aspects of BDSM and be a woman with the big heart. So, why shouldn’t I be a Dominatrxi if I have all the power, expertise, and desire?

Master Maze Dominatrix
Master Maze

Interview with Master Maze from Stockholm, Sweden.

The resonant crack of a whip against the bare, quivering flesh of a devoted slave—the exquisite fusion of pain and pleasure—is so erotic.

– Master Maze

Lady Sas: What excites you about BDSM and training slaves?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: Oh, there are so many tantalizing desires that course through Me, but if I must select a few, one of My most intoxicating kinks revolves around the power dynamic with men who exude dominance in every facet of their daily existence—both in their personal lives and the cutthroat realm of work. To Me, it’s an untamed, primal pursuit, a savage, seductive dance where I, as a bewitching, lethal female predator, hunt the virile male species, making them yield and meticulously molding them into the perfect slaves for My pleasure.

The resonant crack of a whip against the bare, quivering flesh of a devoted slave—the exquisite fusion of pain and pleasure—is so erotic.

The visceral ecstasy surges within Me when I witness My slaves—those indomitable, audacious or, intelligent and creative men—lowering their heads, willingly clasping a collar around their necks, a symbol of their unwavering devotion to Me. They surrender themselves completely, entrusting Me with their deepest vulnerabilities and enduring every trial to ensure My unbridled delight. It’s an indescribable euphoria, a relentless „high“ from which I never wish to descend.

Lady Sas: When you hear „Master Maze“, in the first moment you might think of a dominant man. Why do you call yourself Master and not Mistress?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: I usually prefer that potential slaves address me as Lady, and only if they earn the right to be my slave do they deserve to address Me as Master. But there’s more to it than that.

You do not address a professor, a scientist, or a member of the armed forces differently based on their gender. So the title of the rank does not alter, the female general would be addressed as Ma’am or by her rank.

I am also a master of what I am doing, from all the mind games I hold like a maze to all the details of My slave training technique.

And last reason perhaps plays by My sadistic desire to push mental boundaries that, despite the fact that I am a beautiful and elegant Lady with a very feminine physique and dressing style, slave males would shiver at the thought of bending for a master with a bit more muscular sensation rather than the feminine feeling and beauty of a Mistress. I like the feeling of the enigma that it creates.

Although there is a BDSM scene in Stockholm and other towns in Sweden, I do not believe Swedish society is as welcoming to the BDSM community as they would have you believe.

– Master Maze
Mistress Stockholm
The Mistress is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Femdom BDSM in Sweden

Lady Sas: You’re based in Stockholm. Is the society in Sweden open to Femdom BDSM? Is there a SM scene in Stockholm?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: I would say yes and no.

Although there is a BDSM scene in Stockholm and other towns in Sweden, I do not believe Swedish society is as welcoming to the BDSM community as they would have you believe.

However, both Femdom and the BDSM community in general do an excellent job of organizing various events and activities for individuals who are interested in the subject. I definitely perceive a shortage of effective workshops as well as more sophisticated and professional activities that can assist society better comprehend or integrate with us. To educate individuals who want to learn more about the deeper meaning of the BDSM and discover who they are in the depths of their desires.

Here you face more kinksters than those who really understand what people with BDSM as a sexual orientation stand for.

Lady Sas: You sometimes travel to Germany to train slaves. What do you think about German slaves and BDSM in Germany?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: German slaves are one of My favorites. Even at a newbie level, most German slaves I encounter have a better understanding of female authority, Femdom, and even Dominatrix culture. They have some ideas about what they desire and how they should act in response. I believe I owe gratitude to all of the amazing German Mistresses and Dominas who have had such an impact on society throughout history.

Germany, in my opinion, has a diverse and active BDSM community with a variety of clubs, events, and organizations where those interested in BDSM may interact, share experiences, and discover like-minded people. These communities frequently contribute to a more open and inclusive environment. A larger country with a rich history in BDSM and fetish

Lady ArtMaze
Lady ArtMaze

Master Maze about traveling

Lady Sas: You also travel to other countries. What drives you to visit different locations for sessions?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: My primary occupation is not that of a Dominatrix. I am a well-educated Lady with many duties who travels largely for other projects, but having a session after a long day at work is something I thoroughly enjoy. To be honest, I don’t go around merely having a session, but whether I travel for business or leisure, I give certain lucky slaves the opportunity to serve Me while I’m in the region.

But I suppose the major reason I hold sessions when traveling is that it delights Me to meet new slaves from other cultures and expands My globe of meeting a desirable slave. Also, because My interactions with slaves are solely focused on the dynamic of the moment rather than any pre-planned notions, My sessions with each of them, with their individual personalities and desires, break the monotony of daily life. There are always new experiences and memories to make. Very exquisite and beautiful.

German slaves are one of My favorites. Even at a newbie level, most German slaves I encounter have a better understanding of female authority, Femdom, and even Dominatrix culture.

– Master Maze

Lady Sas: Please give us a glimpse into your free time. What do you do when you’re not swinging the whip?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: What if I told you that I spend much of My free time swinging the whip? 

So, as I previously stated, being a Dominatrix is not My main job, I devote some of My free time to My BDSM desires when in My cozy dungeon or attending private parties, but the rest of My free time is spent with family and friends. I enjoy fine dining, going to clubs, checking art galleries, traveling, and looking around for beautiful gemstones and antiques. I enjoy eating wild mushrooms in a variety of dishes, so I go to the forest with My dogs and pick some depending on the season. I also run a non-profit organization, so some of my free time is spent on it.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Lady ArtMaze aka Master Maze: That is a vague question with numerous possible responses. However, with a concentration on BDSM, I may claim that I’d like to extend and equip My dungeon with something greater and bigger. I’d also like to establish an official Scandinavian Femdom club, for which I have many ideas and expectations.

I’d like to learn how to lasso and excellent My techniques in a long bull whip, so I should definitely pay a visit to some sexy cowboys! 

And there are still so many areas I haven’t seen and haven’t met any slaves from those nations, so the prospect of fresh experiences in new places is enticing, so maybe some traveling around the world to enjoy life to the fullest.

Lady Sas: Thank you very much.

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