Mistress Chiaki, Japan

Mistress Chiaki
Mistress Chiaki from Japan

The stunning Mistress Chiaki from Japan and her gorgeous friend Lady Hinako were visiting Germany. They spent time in Munich and Berlin and so I had the pleasure to ask them some questions about BDSM in Japan and their view on German BDSM. Let’s start with Mistress Chiaki. Enjoy!


Lady Sas: Please explain how you first came into contact with BDSM and how you developed into a dominatrix.

Mistress Chiaki: Since I was about 18 years old, I’ve been reading SM magazines. When I was 26 a friend asked me if I was interested in making it my profession and that’s when it all started.

Lady Sas: What do you find fascinating about BDSM?

Mistress Chiaki: First of all there’s nothing that makes me happier than doing what I love as a profession. And second, BDSM is extremely creative, I love that it challenges me intellectually, creatively and emotionally.

Mistress Chiaki
Mistress Chiaki

Interview with Mistress Chiaki from Japan.

Lady Sas: How does society in Japan deal with BDSM?

Mistress Chiaki: It’s hard to talk about the Japanese society in a few sentences, so I will only talk about what society sees of BDSM from the outside. I think they see it as entertainment. Such as shows or something underground and cool. I think they don’t perceive much more than that. The true lovers of BDSM don’t appear in the public very often (let’s say they usually don’t come out as BDSM lovers publically), therefore society doesn’t really have an opinion on them.

Lady Sas: What image do you have in Japan when you think of German BDSM?

Mistress Chiaki: Also in this case I can only speak for myself. The image I have of German BDSM is that it’s authentic. That it’s one of the few countries where you meet dominatrixes as you would traditionally imagine them (the “Herrin” image). That there are many rubber fetishists. I guess these are the main things that come to my mind.

Mistress BDSM Japan

„Honestly, I would like to live here!!!!“

Lady Sas: We’re honored that you’re visiting our country. What do you basically think about Germany?

Mistress Chiaki: Honestly, I would like to live here!!!! It’s not that I know Germany so well that I can speak about the whole country, but it feels like a country that has a good balance.

Lady Sas: How is your time in Munich and Berlin? Are you doing a kind of tourist programme by day and a kinky programme by night?

Mistress Chiaki: I had already heard from people before I went there, but Munich felt a lot more conservative compared to Berlin. In Berlin I can smell the free spirit. Program-wise nothing really changes between day and night for me. Mostly I don’t do any tourism and I do kinky things 24/7.

Lady Sas: In Germany we think of Mistresses from Japan as Shibari and Bondage Experts. What can you tell us about the background of this tradition?

Mistress Chiaki: It’s a huge misunderstanding if you think that all Japanese dommes are experts on Shibari. To be honest, there aren’t many dommes who can really tie professionally. Since Shibari has spread all across the world, the level of skills can’t really be divided by countries. It’s all about the individual now. But it’s true that it comes from the Japanese Hojojutsu, the way of tying used on prisoners, so the tradition is routed in Japan.

Lady Sas: What is Shibari all about? What is the idea behind it?

Mistress Chiaki: Shibari is just Shibari to me. Many people doing Shibari add some extra meaning to it, such as philosophy, ideology or art. I think the receiving person is free to add any meaning to it as she/he wants, I focus on the tying itself.

Lady Sas: In Germany the BDSM movie „Tokio Dekadenz /トパーズ Topāzu“ from Ryu Murakami is very popular. Is it well known in Japan, too?

Mistress Chiaki: Yes of course it’s very famous. I think anyone into SM has seen it at least once.

Mistress Chiaki
Japan BDSM

„Japanese clients are very quiet during sessions.“

Lady Sas: Where are the differences between guests from Japan and Germany when it comes to session?

Mistress Chiaki: It’s hard for me to compare Japan and Germany since my Japanese clients are pretty different compared to the clients of other Japanese SM clubs. One thing I can say is that German clients are very expressive. Japanese clients are very quiet during sessions.

Lady Sas: What is the most popular fetish in your sessions in Japan and in Germany?

Mistress Chiaki: Since I’m very specialized in Shibari, mummification and other heavy bondage types, these are probably the most requested.

Lady Sas: Please tell us a bit abour your private life. What do you do in your free time?

Mistress Chiaki: When I’m free I practice Shibari or research for work most of the time. I’m a 100% work-oriented person and a lifestyle mistress.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress Chiaki: I’d like to get married, build the house of my dreams and live a relaxed life.

Lady Sas: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure having you on my blog.

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