Mistress Lisa, Antwerp

Herrin Lisa Antwerpen
Herrin Lisa Antwerpen

Mistress Lisa could also work as a Model, but she decided to be a Domina, to the great joy for the world of slaves. And not only in Antwerp, but also in Dubai and London. The beautiful 173 cm high beauty was born in Turkey, grew up in Germany and lives since many years in Belgium. She tells us more about herself and lets us get a brief glimpse of her world. Thanks to Lady K. for the translation.

Dominatrix Lisa
Dominatrix Lisa

Interview with Mistress Lisa

Lady Sas: Dear Lisa, how did you come to enter the world of bizarre?

Mistress Lisa:It all began with my personal fetishes, that I used to live out in private and as a member of the BDSM Community. As time went by, I got offers so tempting, and arousing that I could not decline, and then it all started.

Lady Sas: Interesting. What kind of personal fetishes are we talking about? 

Mistress Lisa: It started with getting my feet massaged from my then partner on different BDSM parties.

Lady Sas: What gives you the kick in reference to SM?

Mistress Lisa: I love it to put my natural dominance and superiority over my slaves masculinity. Can you wish for something more rewarding? 

Lady Sas: What would you rather let go of? SM or your cell phone?

Mistress Lisa: My cellphone

Lady Sas: Antwerp, Dubai, London. You are traveling as Mistress all over the world. Why?

Mistress Lisa: I enjoy traveling and feel men from different cultures underneath my heels. And it’s not to deny, that I enjoy the thrill of anticipation from the men as I plan and announce my travels.

Herrin Lisa
Dominatrix Lisa
Domina Lisa Antwerpen
Mistress Lisa

Fetishlady Lisa about BDSM in Dubai

Lady Sas: How can we picture the difference between your guests in Antwerp, Dubai und London?

Mistress Lisa: It’s extreme! In Dubai it all happens behind closed doors, at the same time, there it’s more experimental. In England and Germany the classical dominance is more appreciated, while in Belgium and Holland it’s more Kinky.

Lady Sas: I only know Dubai from the airport. Is it dangerous for a woman to dominate a man there – even if it’s just a roleplaying game?
Mistress Lisa: Absolutely. But that might be the thrill…

Lady Sas: What is the greatest impression or surprise that you as Domina expired during your travel?
Mistress Lisa: The preferences from men is similar, what you might not think with all these different cultures! 

shoe fetish
Foot fetish

Mistress Lisa about Fetish-Dreams

Lady Sas: What is the most desired Fetishes among your guests?
Fetishlady Lisa: Most common is the classical submission. Foot eroticism is very appreciated and anal games and NS follows immediately afterwards.

Lady Sas: You have an amazing figure. How do you do that?

Fetishlady Lisa: I live very healthy and enjoy a lot of exercise. 

Lady Sas: What kind of sports do you do? Or how do you exercise? 

Fetishlady  Lisa: GYM and whipping 😉

Lady Sas: When do you consider a session a success?

Fetishlady Lisa: When a slave have that special glow in their eyes (or it might be tears) and he doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry from horniness.

Lady Sas: Do you have a tip for young femdom’s?

Fetishlady Lisa: Go to a good studio and get educated. In the beginning, there is so many things that can go wrong. Today, there is a lot of women who think that just because they have a whip they are a domina. This makes me concerned. Why is there not a thing like a Domina-license? In the clinical field it’s so delicate, and the use of whips and tools has to be learned! (SAFTEY FIRST)

Lady Sas: What are your planes for the future?

Fetishlady Lisa: I will take it as it comes and enjoy every day!

Lady Sas: Thank’s for this Interview, Lisa.

Herrin Lisa
Fetishlady Lisa

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