Mistress Hinako, Japan

Mistress Japan
Mistress Hinako from Japan

Mistress Hinako from Japan is extremely successful and demanded all over Asia. She is the one who’s mainly been planning the Europe tours with her Femdom Colleague Lady Chiaki. Let’s find out more about the Mistress and BDSM in Japan in this interview. 

Lady Sas: Please explain how you first came into contact with bdsm and how you developed into a dominatrix.

Mistress Hinako: I was born with bdsm masochistic/sadistic needs but I didn’t know what to do with them. When I was married I wasn’t allowed to do anything but I couldn’t hold it back so I secretly became a professional masochist. After I got divorced it became a full time job. I became a dominatrix after that because my body couldn’t take it anymore and I was watching a lot of dominatrixes doing their thing world-wide and I really wanted that too. Because of my masochistic experiences I have the necessary understanding to get what my clients like and what they can take.

Mistress Hinako

Interview with Mistress Hinako from Japan

Lady Sas: What do you find fascinating about BDSM?

Mistress Hinako: I don’t really know, I was born with so many fetishes so it’s just given that BDSM is part of my life.

Lady Sas: How does society in Japan deal with BDSM?

Mistress Hinako: I’m so limited to the field of kinky and fetish people that I rarely get in touch with “normal society” and I’m not really interested in it either. It’s not seen as something positive, that’s what I can say.

Lady Sas: What image do you have in Japan when you think of German BDSM?

Mistress Hinako: Dungeons, perfect outfits on beautiful mistresses who are whipping their slaves. Many lifestyle people, and it’s more open compared to Japan.

Mistress Hinako Japan
Medical Play

„I love it and I envy you for living here“

Lady Sas: We’re honored that you’re visiting our country. What do you basically think about Germany?

Mistress Hinako: I love it and I envy you for living here. The food is good, everybody is extremely nice, you have an accepted professional position for mistresses, you can pay taxes and act the same like everybody else.

Lady Sas: How is your time in Munich and Berlin? Are you doing a kind of tourist programme by day and a kinky programme by night?

Mistress Hinako: Zero tourism, only kinky things!

Lady Sas: In Germany we think of Mistresses from Japan as Shibari and Bondage Experts. What can you tell us about the background of this tradition?

Mistress Hinako: Honestly there aren’t many Japanese Mistresses who can really do rope, it’s only a few.

Lady Sas: What is Shibari all about? What is the idea behind it?

Mistress Hinako: There are many reasons why people do Shibari. Therapy, spirituality and all, but what I like is just the bondage of it. What I’m into is the immobility of the subject, so my intentions are purely kinky when it comes to Shibari.

Lady Sas: In Germany the BDSM movie „Tokio Dekadenz /トパーズ Topāzu“ from Ryu Murakami is very popular. Is it well known in Japan, too?

Mistress Hinako: Yes!

Mistress Hinako
Medial Play

„Western guests are so so so much louder when they come!“

Lady Sas: Where are the differences between guests from Japan and Germany when it comes to session?

Mistress Hinako: Most clients read and check our work so they book sessions for similar reasons. But Western guests are so so so much louder when they come! And German guests give an honest feedback about how the session was which I’m very grateful for. Here people are more into treating you like a queen, that happens less in Japan.

Lady Sas: What is the most popular fetish in your sessions in Japan and in Germany?

Mistress Hinako: I think latex sessions and bondage.

Lady Sas: Please tell us a bit abour your private life. What do you do in your free time?

Hinako: Honestly, I’m always kinky, also in my free time. I’m constantly playing with my friends.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Hinako: I would like to have my own SM dungeon (but it’s legally not possible in Japan).

Lady Sas: Thank you for your time and all the best.

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