Eris Martinet, London, Manchester

Eris Martinet
Eris Martinet

Eris Martinet calls herself a „professional sadist“. She is a Mistress and Disciplinarian located in the UK (Manchester, London, other) and also travels. Eris has excellent skills with the cane and looks so gorgeous and beautiful that every slave will fall to his knees immediately. But this woman has even more to make men weak: a strong personality. Eris can express herself very well and has the most interesting thoughts as this interview demonstrates. Be inspired! 

Interview with Eris Martinet

Lady Sas: Dear Eris, on the 6th of November you will go to the Night of Cane. What is this event and what does it mean to you?

Eris Martinet: It’s an almost historical The Firm event that runs in London for the celebration of the art of the cane. Organised by scene legends such as Ishmael Skyes, it’s very good fun and tongue in cheek. I like to meet likeminded people who understand this very niche passion I have. I prefer this to other types of kink events because caning seems to attract people of good, light hearted disposition with a great sense of humour. Who like to receive physical pain in a form I am most fond of :-). Just what I like! I had marvellous conversation AND caning interactions the last time and hope to do so again.

Lady Sas: In 2015 you earned the 3rd place at the Night of Cane. Are recognitions like this important to you? 

Eris Martinet: I regard caning almost like a sport. It certainly has the physical grace aspect to it, the prowess, the intensity (I love a proper hard cane stroke, Singapore style—dramatic and truly efficient). My favorite caner is Mistress Baton from South Africa. Her caning style draws from martial arts, for a spectacular delivery style, not just aesthetically, but also in terms of duress. 

I  am on a deliberate path to becoming a top tier chastister; trying to better my technique, my precision… my dramatic delivery & poise… From this perspective I am glad of the existence of a competition that can objectively, although also a bit tongue in cheek, arbiter the artistry of various caners across UK. I am keen to display my own ability. 

I also like to rejoice in the performances of other caners and tops. Some of the best scene people attend, like Buffy Brown who won twice in a row. It’s a celebration of an otherwise underground and misunderstood…vice, and as such, treasured as a rare and genuine celebration of a pervy accomplishment.

It can also be said that as a young and foreign disciplinarian, I also view it as useful to prove myself in front of an objective jury, to quell any doubts people might have before coming to see me. 

And lastly, I do love a good competition! I think what prevented me from winning last time was a diagonal first stroke, where accuracy is one of three markers and of foremost importance: I was a bit nervous, and positioned my sub at an odd angle. I got singled out for severity, though, which in my books is a marvellous thing! 🙂

Eris Martinet
Eris Martinet

Professional sadist

Lady Sas: You call yourself a „professional sadist“. What do you feel when you use the cane?

Eris Martinet: A combined athletic and sexually malevolent thrill. The way the act of caning is a historically honed method of institutional punishment has been a tremendous arousal for many British people, and I’ve, since moving here, fallen in love with it. It arouses, but in a detached, formal way; your victim is secured on a device made for chastisement, semi clothed, and you are administering a formal punishment (perhaps in uniform) with athletic elegance, precision and vicious efficacy; and I find this cocktail of aspects simply hypnotic. My sexuality has evolved so, that in the recent years I often substitute other forms of arousal with this. It’s a wonderfully evolved, complex form of sexual activity that in first instance appears totally divorced from the erotic, and so impersonal. A sadist’s heart’s desire!

Lady Sas: Corporal punishment is said to be from the bad old days in school. But even today there are young men (and women) who enjoy a good spanking. Can you imagine why? 

Eris Martinet: Oh, it’s universal! I am from outside Britain, a former Gulag background where school corporal punishment wasn’t heard of (the closest I heard from my grandparents was pupils made to kneel on walnut shells ). So many of my spankees range from internationally varied backgrounds (lots of French people for me) and ages. I think, on this,  there are two main areas of discussion: one is, the buttocks are in the anatomical vicinity of the main erogenous area on the human body, and any stimulation there can be eroticised. Of course, this is Freudianly enhanced by any childhood experiences with spanking, that in this country you hear loads about. 

Seondly, the psychological and historical (which with me can be an hour long conversation so I’ll keep it short) : I believe people have been since the dawn of civilization conditioned to various degrees of submission and dominance, respectively. It’s visibile in the political structures, which are, over a long history, pyramidal. And some of these forms of natural D/s are motivated by biology through sexual rewards: therefore, a lot of the submissive people have varying degrees of masochism or other fillias, evolved simply as methods to deepen the social bonds within hierarchies. This is a current field of preoccupation for me as I research and write on the topic–for anyone who wishes to understand my ideas further, I also recommend my writing on where I’ll keep adding.This of course, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a simple fun session where such „heavy“ topics aren’t on the menu! 

Mistress Eris

Eris Martinet about Role Play

Lady Sas: What kind of role play scenarios are the most popular when guests visit you?

Eris Martinet: It used to be school, maternal and office. Nowadays I barely have role plays as my practice is somewhat reared on the genuine delivery of punishment that my persona warrants. I cultivate an informal, natural rapport with the sub, I don’t need to act. I like to understand them and react  to them naturally, identifying their psychological and kinky profile, rather than deliver an old rehearsed and rather silly performance one-fits-all. People who know me are aware that Eris Martinet is very much how I act all the time, rather than a character I put on for sessions. 

I still like the occasional interrogation scene, or a good psychological roleplay! If it’s something interesting, I’ll do it. If you want me to shout „naughty boy“ in  a haughty tone, I’ll decline. For those who need a credible Carry On Nurse Matron style of domination, that’s not me. 

I believe in a new age femdom, where the woman doesn’t rely on cliches, but instead develops her own style based on her own inner dominance and sadism. I don’t do this mechanically, I do this because I believe in female domination and explore and draw the map myself.

Lady Sas: The beautiful porn-star Ella Hughes is your real life sub. You spank her in front of the camera, everybody can watch. How do you feel about this? Not too intimate? Not too private?

Eris Martinet: Nope. I am not a prude, and she isn’t either!–she’s a rising porn star. I seek to actively stand against any kind of false moral barriers to prevent people living their lives. The only thing I find sinful is distaste, and I think my spanking of Ella is beautiful!

I also shot with another personal sub, piggy. I treasure those little clips. If anything it deepens the bond. It’s less acted, you know. The clips are warm, and sexy, as you know I’m really attracted to the sub I’m beating. My question is: doesn’t it feel weirder to spank someone you don’t know and just hired off Fetlife, going through the motions? I don’t have any grand amibitons with my clips, but I’d rather portray genuine moments of femdom. For instance, a few years back when I encountered clips of fellow Romanian domme Ezada online, I was stunned at how genuinely pervy and glowing with femdom desire she was. It was refreshing, you know? Such a fan. She looks real, and intense.

Lady Sas: What do you think, why love so many men feet, stockings and High Heels?

Eris Martinet: I confess I don’t know this one. Perhaps because women’s feet are so beautiful? Why do I love having my feet worshipped so much? A second erogenous area?… No clue. If anybody knows, they’re welcome to enlighten me. Apart from the fact they’re beautiful, and decadent, which doesn’t fully explain it. I think with some of my subs it’s obviously a matter of humiliation. For this, I refer back to the earlier explanation of philias I gave above. 

Dominatrix Manchester

Strict Beauty: Mistress Eris Martinet

Eris Martinet Mistress

Can BDSM become a kind of drug?

Lady Sas: Can BDSM become a kind of drug?

Eris Martinet: It certainly is, I remember stumbling across scientific articles documenting the various types of brain hormones acting during a scene. There is a masochist’s high, at  the end of punishment when the body releases plenty of endorphines to cope with the pain. And there is a sadist’s high, which is more to do with power. Like love, maternity, cruelty, all human emotions can be interpreted to be drugs, in that they exhilarate and motivate the desire for more. Some scenes are so intense that they „inebriate“ the participants, and lead to altered states, which is probably why–I suspect–before monotheistic religions, sadomasochistic rituals were intertwined with religious worship. This is apparent in the contemporary language and imagery of BDSM. Although, of course, the difference is now things are consensual and generally less intense–in a good way.

Lady Sas: In Germany there are more and more Bizarrladies who also offer intimate worship. Is there a similar development in the UK?

Eris Martinet: I don’t know. I don’t offer it myself commercially, but it’s a core part of my personal life domination. I don’t approve of people policing a sex workers‘ strategy–it’s the lady’s business only, what she does!, just as I don’t approve of submissive men expecting it from me because others do it! If a lady does it, I hope she charges a lot. 

Lady Sas: In Germany we have the expression „Englische Erziehung“, „English education“, which means spanking. Do you speak in the UK about „German education“ or something with „German“?

Eris Martinet: German efficiency? LOL. Nothing I’m aware of, I’m afraid. My impression of the German scene is it’s perhaps a bit more technical, and formal..? A bit more futuristic? I have to say in the circle I’m in I’m aware of little from that side of the world. I used to hear there’s a lot of latex and fetish, it seems more stylish than my local scene. I’d like to explore! 

I’m personally fascinated with German culture and the physical appearance of German subs :-). Blond men, blue eyes, accent.. YES. What I’m certain I do appreciate about Germany myself is the more direct approach, people seem to say things more clearly rather than the exceeding English politeness. Obviously, I don’t hear other people here saying the same! LOL

Lady Sas: Eris, what are your plans for the future?
Eris Martinet: World domination, of course.

Eris Martinet about the BDSM movement

Lady Sas: From your personal perspective, is the BDSM movement growing or declining? 

Eris Martinet: Probably growing, probably not necessarily in the right direction. Based on my correspondence, more and more novices seem to join the ranks and explore unfulfilled worlds of inner depravation and higher purpose at the feet of a domme.

I see a need for more activism and proper debate on this in the mainstream, as many misconceptions float around and issues of shame and taboos still plague the community. The LGBT and women’s rights movements have had achievements, I think it’s time for the BDSM community to have some as well. Or a lot of the people who might like to join stay in the closet for fear of their wives and communities, or some others who join do so in the wrong spirit, with little information, and a sense of guilt. A domme should be an educator too, and a community leader; some people outside our world don’t see it as such, they just recoil in prudish horror, and I, with my biography and my frank manner, seek to act against that. 

Lady Sas: Eris, what are your plans for the future?

Eris Martinet: World domination, of course. I plan to develop as a domme and my caning skills. I want to tour France next year. I haven’t seen Germany yet! France I’ll visit with  the wonderful miss Kitty of Manchester. She has exquisite medical skills and I think they come in handy as a coronation of my bottom devastating skills, to tend to the wounds if you will …:-) I also envisage a lavish space for northern UK femdom, but plans are only in the gestation stage as yet… will announce more as my plans crystallise, as usual, on my Twitter and blog. 

Thank you for this interview, the questions were most interesting and thoughtful and hope your readers will like it.

Lady Sas: Thank you very much, Eris. 

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