Mistress Julia Taylor, UK

Mistress Julia Taylor

Mistress Julia Taylor is an experienced, outstanding Mistress from the United Kingdom, located in the West Midlands. She is a true inspiration for all BDSM enthusiasts. I’m glad she took the time to answer some questions. Enjoy the interview!  Lady Sas: Dear Julia, when you look back to the very beginning – how did you get… Mistress Julia Taylor, UK weiterlesen

Mistress Nikki Whiplash, UK

Mistress Nikki Whiplash, UK

Mistress Nikki Whiplash from the United Kingdom has been one of the most admired Icons in the international BDSM scene for many years. The stunningly beautiful blonde Mistress is known from many great video productions. Nikki Wiplash has a knowing smile on her lips and clearly enjoys training slaves according to her ideas and wishes.… Mistress Nikki Whiplash, UK weiterlesen

Mistress Nikky French, Bristol

Mistress Nikky French

Mistress Nikky French is such an inspiration. The gorgeous young Mistress used to work as a costume maker in the cinema industry before entering the professional world of BDSM. She has lots of projects going on, lives in Bristol, Cardiff and Geneva  – oh, wait a minute, meanwhile it’s actually London instead of Cardiff –… Mistress Nikky French, Bristol weiterlesen

Eris Martinet, London, Manchester

Eris Martinet

Eris Martinet calls herself a „professional sadist“. She is a Mistress and Disciplinarian located in the UK (Manchester, London, other) and also travels. Eris has excellent skills with the cane and looks so gorgeous and beautiful that every slave will fall to his knees immediately. But this woman has even more to make men weak: a strong personality.… Eris Martinet, London, Manchester weiterlesen

Domina Liza, Derby, United Kingdom

Domina Liza, Derby, UK

Redhead English Dominatrix with a penchant for punishment, and the epitome of elegant sadism. Knows a thing or two about femdom…“ With this words Domina Liza describes herself on Twitter. She is in fact one of the most distinctive Mistresses I know. And I know quite a lot. Domina Liza is unique in every way.… Domina Liza, Derby, United Kingdom weiterlesen