Mistress P., Czech Republic


Mistress P. is a young Mistress from the Czech Republic. With a height of 179 cm (5’11“) she not only could be a Fetish Model, she actually is a Model. Mistress P. loves to travel and visits European Femdom Parties, for example in Berlin and London. Find out more about her lifestyle in this interview. 

Lady Sas: Dear Mistress P., when and where did your journey into the BDSM world begin?

Mistress P.: To be honest, it is such a long time ago that I actually don’t remember. I just know that I realized from a young age that I was different from the other girls. I was more like a boy or like Xena the Warrior Queen. Later, during My puberty, all the other girls were having vanilla relationships with boys, yet somehow I did not find that appealing to Me. I couldn’t find what I needed. I tried to fit in and be “a normal good girl” but that just wasn’t Me. It was a really bad idea to try to go against My inner self because it just made Me feel frustrated. Then, via the gothic subculture I discovered the fetish scene and started to visit BDSM online chat rooms. I started with online domination and meeting people via the internet and discovering this wonderful world. For a girl in the Czech Republic it was difficult to find a sub partner in real life. Then, I met some friends who were into fetish and I started living it in real life. I became more and more into the fetish lifestyle, and now I am a full-time lifestyle Mistress and absolutely love it. 

Interview with Mistress P.

Lady Sas: You are a Czech Mistress, but spent a year in the Netherlands. What was the reason for this?

Mistress P.: It was more of a vanilla reason. I simply wanted to learn the language. I love learning languages and discovering other cultures. Now I am going back to the Czech Republic and, of course, fetish and femdom will always be My true passion no matter where I am.  

Lady Sas: You love to travel. What do you think about Frankfurt and Berlin?

Mistress P.: I only spent a limited amount of time in Frankfurt at a BDSM villa for a femdom retreat, so I did not have time to visit the city and look around. Frankfurt is a beautiful city and I look forward to going back someday and visiting more of it. While I was in Berlin I had much more free time to visit the city. I love Berlin because there are many fetish and BDSM possibilities. There are many shops, dungeons, events, and the beautiful BDSM Residence Avalon. Actually, it was in Berlin where one of My personal slaves bought Me My first proper custom-made corset. I have very nice memories of Berlin. It is an amazing city for fetish and femdom. There are many great restaurants where you can engage in soft public-play. I visited the Avalon Residence several times. I love Germany and I look forward to going there again in the future. 

Mistress P. about Femdom Parties 

Lady Sas: What is it that you enjoy the most about Femdom Parties?

Mistress P.: I love the atmosphere. Especially when it’s a play party, and as you know, I love to play. You can just be yourself and wear sexy fetish outfits and enjoy being pampered and worshipped by devoted slaves. I easily get into My domspace and feel like a Queen all night long! One of My favorite events are the Pedestal Femdom Parties in London as well as the Femdom Ball, also in London. The last one was a very special gala evening with everyone wearing gorgeous ball gowns. It was very beautiful and very high class. 

Lady Sas: Do you make a difference between alpha men as lovers and beta males as slaves? Or are all men slaves to you?

Mistress P.: I have very limited experience with vanilla men. To be honest I only tried it when I was younger because I wanted to “try to be a normal good girl”. I experimented a little bit with vanilla males but did not really enjoy it. I don’t enjoy being with dom males either since I don’t like macho guys and I don’t like to be submissive in bed. I am a Lifestyle Domme and I love being in command and being the Boss. When I was younger I did not need vanilla sex, although I could not be without femdom. I love femdom and can’t live without it. I also take no pleasure from the missionary position. So I am not seeking alpha men. I also find that pure femdom for Me is more creative and more spiritual. I want men to be My slaves, for My pleasure, to serve Me and obey Me, and do what I want. 

About chastity belts

Lady Sas: What do you think about keeping slaves locked in chastity belts?

Mistress P.: I think it’s a great way to train men to be more obedient. To show them that My pleasure is the most important thing and that they are just slaves, toys, who need to focus their energy on serving and pleasing Me. I think men can be more productive when they are locked in chastity and cannot masturbate. It keeps them focused on serving their Mistress. Slaves have to be useful to their Owners. Slaves have to realize that their cock and balls are not important. They have to embrace the spirituality of Female Authority and Female Supremacy. Of course, milking them is important in order to keep My properties healthy and in good condition; so they can better serve Me. 

Lady Sas: Your home country is still famous for OWK, the Other World Kingdom. What do you think of OWK?

Mistress P.: I love the idea that Women can show men that they are most useful when they are serving Women as Our slaves. It is a great place where men can learn how to serve Female Dominants on a 24/7 basis. I think many men want to serve Women but they are afraid of the pressures of society. They have to pretend to be strong macho-men. Very often they are ashamed to even ask their wives to dominate them. They are afraid of the reaction and that their wives would no longer find them attractive. They are afraid to talk about their deep inner wishes for submission with people who just would not understand them. OWK is a great institution where slaves can learn to be obedient and serve, and let out their inner self. Here they can live the fetish lifestyle 24/7 and realize that it is not just a one-hour session, but rather a way of life. I fully support the OWK and have many of My slaves donate towards it. Recently a new project was started at OWK, it’s called Womania Empire. I was actually the first Woman to receive the stone and Citizenship Certificate of Womania Empire. I think every serious slave should support this.

Lady Sas: Can you imagine a reason why the OWK was founded in the Czech Republic and not in another country? Do Czech Women have a special dominant personality?  

Mistress P.: The Czech Republic has many castles and remote locations. Also, this is in our mythology. Take for example, the Maid’s War. In ancient times there were Women fighting against men, and beating them. We also had a mystical and very wise Queen, Libuše. Strong Women have always had a place of honor in our culture. 

Femdoms in the Czech Republic

Lady Sas: What are the conditions like for Femdoms in the Czech Republic? Are there dungeons? Is there a BDSM community? What does society there think about BDSM?

Mistress P.: It’s not so bad. Although, we don’t have a big femdom community like in the UK or Germany. Femdom is still in the minority, but becoming more and more recognized and accepted. We sometimes have small femdom parties or mixed foot-fetish parties. There are some really nice and unique dungeons in the style of the middle ages. Most of them are in Prague, with a few in Brno. I think BDSM is still taboo for many people and some people are still cautious about going to the parties. But I think nowadays the situation is getting better.

Lady Sas: Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

Mistress P.: Yes, I do. I love reading, learning new languages, travelling and discovering new and interesting places! I love culture, going to restaurants, doing fitness, dancing. One of My big passions is collecting perfumes. 

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress P.: At the end of February, 2018 I am relocating back to the Czech Republic. From April 20th to the 22nd I am planning to visit the Avalon Residence in Berlin again for the Femdom Retreat. I would also like to focus more of My time on My personal slaves as well as travel to Germany, Switzerland and the UK. In October, 2018 I will be attending the Femdom Ball in London. I welcome sponsors for My travel there as well as My gala dress. Devoted slaves who would like to pamper Me are welcome to contact Me for this. I would also like to make more femdom clips, enjoy femdom, and the findom lifestyle as well. 

Lady Sas: Thank you for your time.

UPDATE: Bad news, slaves. Mistress P has retired. She asked me to remove the photos and to change her name to „Mistress P“. I wish her all the best in her private life.

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