Mistress P., Czech Republic

Mistress P. is a young Mistress from the Czech Republic. With a height of 179 cm (5’11“) she not only could be a Fetish Model, she actually is a Model. Mistress P. loves to travel and visits European Femdom Parties, for example in Berlin and London. Find out more about her lifestyle in this interview. … Mistress P., Czech Republic weiterlesen

Mistress Arella, Prague

Mistress Arella

Am I cruel?“, asks Mistress Arella while whipping a slave. „No, Mistress“, answers the slave in the OWK-Video (OWK, Other World Kingdom). Well, I’m not so sure about this answer when I see her signature with the cane… Mistress Arella is a young, beautiful Lady from Czechia and located in Prague. From 2007 to 2010… Mistress Arella, Prague weiterlesen

Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire

Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire

Visiting the OWK, the Other World Kingdom, used to be one of the greatest highlights you could experience as a Mistress or as a slave. The „state“ where dominant Women ruled over submissive men was founded in 1996 in the Czech Republic. It was a large area where dreams and phantasies of roleplay came true.… Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire weiterlesen