Mistress Arella, Prague

Mistress Arella

Am I cruel?“, asks Mistress Arella while whipping a slave. „No, Mistress“, answers the slave in the OWK-Video (OWK, Other World Kingdom). Well, I’m not so sure about this answer when I see her signature with the cane… Mistress Arella is a young, beautiful Lady from Czechia and located in Prague. From 2007 to 2010… Mistress Arella, Prague weiterlesen

Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire

Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire

Visiting the OWK, the Other World Kingdom, used to be one of the greatest highlights you could experience as a Mistress or as a slave. The „state“ where dominant Women ruled over submissive men was founded in 1996 in the Czech Republic. It was a large area where dreams and phantasies of roleplay came true.… Madame Gabrielle, OWK / Woman Empire weiterlesen

OWK – Other World Kingdom

Als Königin über Sklaven herrschen – im Other World Kingdom war das so.

OWK – diese drei Buchstaben stehen für Other World Kingdom und sie lassen die Herzen von Herrinnen und Sklaven gleichermaßen höherschlagen. Das OWK ist ein Mythos und hat leider seine goldene Zeit hinter sich gelassen. Aber dennoch ist das OWK noch immer ein so spannendes Thema, dass es auf dieser Femdom Seite nicht fehlen darf.… OWK – Other World Kingdom weiterlesen

Madame Christine, OWK, Czech Republic

Madame Christine, OWK, Other World Kingdom

If you are into the world of FemDom then – of course – you know her name very well. Dominatrix Madame Christine became famous as a strict and demanding OWK Lady, featured in many OWK-videos. When I told my slave Toytoy that she will answer some questions for my website, his eyes sparkeled in fascination.… Madame Christine, OWK, Czech Republic weiterlesen