Madame Christine, OWK, Czech Republic

Madame Christine OWK
Madame Christine, OWK, Other World Kingdom

If you are into the world of FemDom then – of course – you know her name very well. Dominatrix Madame Christine became famous as a strict and demanding OWK Lady, featured in many OWK-videos. When I told my slave Toytoy that she will answer some questions for my website, his eyes sparkeled in fascination. No wonder: Lady Christine is the kind of beautiful, dominant woman slaves dream about. It’s a real pleasure having her on my website. Enjoy!

Lady Sas: Dear Christine, you are famous in the FemDom scene because of your OWK films. When I saw the first OWK movies I wondered if all these beautiful women were models. How did OWK approach you to work with them? 

Madame Christine: In the beginning of OWK the Ladies were not models but were working at an agency. That is how I was approached by OWK. 

Madame Christine
Dominatrix Christine, well-known from OWK videos

OWK Madame Christine

Lady Sas: It seems to me that most of the OWK slaves didn’t understand Czech. What do you think about the language problem?

Madame Christine: At the start of OWK the slaves were Czech but after a few years there were more foreign slaves who indeed didn’t understand Czech language. This for me was no problem because I had many other means to make myself very well understood!! The problem was more for the slaves.

Lady Sas: Do you still have contact with some OWK colleagues? I saw that you produce films with Madame Sarka. 

Madame Christine: Yes I still have contact with the other Ladies and I do indeed movies with Madame Sarka. I still have good contacts with Madame Loreen and Madame Nicole but they are not active in the scene anymore. They chose a private life now. 

OWK was the REAL thing

OWK Madame Christine
Strict OWK Mistress

OWK was a nice and beautiful place.

Lady Sas: When you look back at the OWK years: How do you feel about it today?

Madame Christine: I still have very good memories of OWK today. It was a nice and beautiful place. 

Lady Sas: You travel a lot. Are there differences in some countries or are slaves all the same everywhere? What do you think?

Madame Christine: I indeed travel a lot, all over the world. Not only for BDSM but also for pleasure. Slaves all over the world are the same for me, not so much difference between the countries. 

Lady Sas: Do you think that the FemDom scene has changed in a way? And if yes: how?

Madame Christine: The Femdom hasn’t changed so much although OWK was the REAL thing!! 

Lady Sas: You have experienced a lot in the Femdom world. Would you share some personal learnings from all those experiences and years?

Madame Christine: I have many personal experiences, maybe too many to mention here…

Lady Sas: You are not only limited to BDSM, but have many interests. Could you tell us about them?

Madame Christine: My other interests are painting and traveling.

Madame Christine painting
Painted by Mistress Christine

Lady Sas: What do you plan for the future? Any ideas?

Madame Christine: In future I like to combine these interests with my activities in the BDSM scene. I am still doing sessions in Prague and Antwerp. That keeps me pretty busy!

Lady Sas: Thank you very much for taking the time.

You can find more information about Madame Christine here: … Update: The Website does not longer exist.

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