Sub Gabriel: „Are you in?“

Na, wo ist er denn? Foto: Pixabay

Sub Gabriel approached me to join the interview series about men with small dicks. Well, here we go. Welcome, Gabriel. Let me introduce him a bit. Sub Gabriel is a 38 year old man, 1,83 meters tall, single with a 7 x 3 cm penis. He discovered his submissive side many years ago, and he is a believer in female supremacy.

About 4.5 years ago he accepted his situation, that he can’t satisfy a woman properly, and since then he did not have sex with one. Sub Gabriel started visiting from time to time Mistresses, to humiliate him in different forms and also transexuals. 

So, enjoy the interview.

Lady Sas: On a scale from 0, completely unimportant, to 10, extremely important: How important is the topic of dick length to you and how much does it concern you?

Gabriel: For sure it’s a 10. It concerned me a lot before, and it concerns me now also. But what can I do? I must accept it.

Lady Sas: What impact does it have on women that you have a small penis?

Gabriel: It made me quite shy, but also very submissive towards them. I have a big respect and I’m always kind when I’m around a woman.

Sub Gabriel talks about his life with a small penis.

Lady Sas: What have been the reactions of women to your dick so far?

Gabriel: There were mixed reactions. Sometimes none, but I could sense the tension. 

There is one reaction that I will always remember. After a concert, I came home with a lady. We started making out, she took of my pants and when she saw my penis she looked at me and said: “Hahaha, what is this?”. We had sex, but she was always sarcastic and making fun sayings things like “are you in?” when I was in.

Lady Sas: What do you think yourself, from how many centimeters you would be satisfied with your penis?

Gabriel: It’s not about me being satisfied. But I think at least double the size would satisfy a lady.

Lady Sas: Are you into SPH, Small Penis Humiliation? And if so, what kicks you about it?

Gabriel: Yes, I am. It’s the only time the little one gets attention, being looked at and ridiculized.

Sub Gabriel: in love with Small Penis Humiliation

Lady Sas: In your opinion, can a small penis in a man be compared to small breasts in a woman?

Gabriel: Absolutely not. Women are devine and beautiful, no matter size, colour, etc…So small or big breasts, both sizes are amazing.

A small penis is something not nice to look at. That is why, I think it should be caged and owned by a woman, and let out only when they want to look at it.

Lady Sas: What do you say to someone who thinks that a small penis is not so bad, because you have hands and tongue to satisfy a woman?

Gabriel: He might be right, but not on the long term. No woman wants to be satisfied just by licking and fingering all the time. It’s not the same connection.

Lady Sas: According to the cliché, men with small penises drive big cars to compensate. What kind of car do you drive?

Gabriel: It’s not my case. I drive a Toyota Aygo.

Lady Sas: Thank you for your time.

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