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Domina Bijoux Chocolate Mallorca

Dominatrix Bijoux Chocolate resides with her studio in the heart of Mallorca. So slave dreams come true twice: On the one hand, subs can enjoy the vacation with sun, beach and sea in Mallorca – and on the other hand, they can lie here at the feet of the excitingly beautiful Mistress Bijoux Chocolate. In the interview, Lady Bijoux Chocolate reveals more about her BDSM world.

Lady Sas: Dear Bijoux Chocolate, please describe how you became a dominatrix.

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate:  Dear Lady Sas, first of all thank you for being here with me. 
It all started a few years ago when I made my first „commercial“ experiences as a webcam and amateur girl on various amateur portals, because at that time I was looking for a suitable way to live out independently my lust and eagerness of showing myself. Thus, BDSM and fetish also became a topic for me, whereupon I was faced with an inner crossroads one day: A) Erotic/porn or B) BDSM and fetish? 

Going both ways at the same time was out of question for me in matter of personal reasons, so I decided on BDSM and fetish. On the one hand, eroticism/porn would not have given me the inner satisfaction I was looking for in the long run, on the other hand, professionally speaking, I originally come from the care/medical sector (especially care for the elderly & wound healing), which gave me essential skills for the path as a dominatrix, for example the necessary specialist knowledge for certain areas, basically the important care for hygiene, attentiveness to actual needs as well as empathy and awareness for demanding practices in BDSM and fetish.
Today I am very happy that I made the right decision for me at that time and since then I feel called to be a dominatrix. What has always been and will always be important to me: The fun of it must be in the foreground, while a certain depth is just as important to me. Even if I dominate and rule someone in a session, I also enjoy eye-to-eye conversations outside the game.

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate interviewed by Lady Sas

Lady Sas: Your home base is Mallorca, but you can also be found in Germany for sessions. What brought you to Mallorca? Do you speak Spanish?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: During my youth and into adulthood, I had wonderful years in Germany, but always had a tendency about wanting to live where I could enjoy the sun, beach and sea, … preferably a place that is close enough to Germany, but still offering me the Mediterranean benefits. That’s why I decided on Mallorca and Palma became my first choice because it’s simply centrally located. In the meantime, I have moved to the centre of the island, partly because I wanted to expand with my own private dungeon and the citylife became too noisy and stressful for me in the long run. Although my Spanish is not perfect, but I am always well understood by local guests.

Lady Sas: You educate in your own studio in the centre of Palma. Are your guests there mostly Spanish or mostly German?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate:  Palma is no longer relevant in the meantime. Now I educate in the heart of Mallorca and receive international guests, of course including Spanish people and Germans.

Lady Sas: Have you ever thought about an offer especially for holidaymakers, for example on the beach during the day, in the studio in the evening and in the prison cell at night?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: I already offer these options and always discuss them individually with my guest, after all, you can also go to the beach at night here 😉 I am always delighted to have these options and this freedom on Mallorca.

About the professional BDSM scene in Mallorca

Lady Sas: What is the current state of the professional BDSM scene on Mallorca? Are there several studios available?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: The BDSM scene on Mallorca is rather small, as far as I know. There may be one or two „undercover“ studios on the island, but I haven’t really noticed or been aware of them so far, except for a small, private rental studio, which would be associated with circumstances for me and of course it also has a rental price. That’s why it was clear to me early on: I want my own, private Dungeon and I am very happy to have it in the heart of Mallorca now for being able to receive my guests independently at any time. My own dungeon is exclusively private for me and not available for rental.

Lady Sas: How would you describe your educating style?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: That depends entirely on my individual! Since every person is different, I don’t want to generalise. For me, there is no dominance „according to a pattern“ or „according to a plan“, but rather authentically lived out of me, just the way I am. After all, I act out of my own desire and action, but of course I also react to my guest’s behaviour at any time.

Lady Sas: You are currently looking for suitable video performers. We hear about professional dominas who have given up their work as dominatrixes and only produce videos. Can you imagine such a path? 

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: No, that would be too one-sided for me!

About inspiration and free-time

Lady Sas: Has your mind about men changed since you learned about their desires as slaves?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: Of course, and for the better! I’m sure it’s largely like this because I’ve always had good luck to receive sincere, friendly and courteous guests. Occasionally, of course, a weirdo gets lost, but that’s normal and happens in every industry. I think it is above all an energetic matter and how you approach the whole thing. Of course, as a dominatrix, you should consider beforehand what kind of game you are getting into and how mentally strong you are for it. Through this, I can clearly say that there are my great, different and intense experiences with each individual that have broadened my view of things. Ultimately, it is the (special) desires and wishes of my guests that make my path as a professional dominatrix possible in the first place and also inspire me again and again. 

Lady Sas: What inspires you? How do you come up with new session ideas?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: I am getting inspired by a regular time-off after my sessions or travels, but also by meaningful conversations with my family and friends, as well as my guests. To be honest, I let a lot of things happen spontaneously in the moment and I am not „fully planned“!

Lady Sas: Please tell us how you spend your free time.

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: Mostly very varied, but in short: My free time belongs to my family, my dog and my friends.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress Bijoux Chocolate: First of all, of course, I plan to continue working as a dominatrix for the next few years and will try to expand my reputation internationally. In the distant future and with increasing age, I could perhaps imagine passing on my knowledge to the next generation of dominas, always under the premise: „Human dignity is inviolable!

Lady Sas: Thank you very much.

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