Mistress Frau Ansehnlich, Germany, Cologne

Domina Frau Ansehnlich

The attractive Mistress Frau Ansehnlich is a ray of hope for Cologne, Germany, where things have been a little quieter recently in terms of dominance. But not only the subs in Cologne can rejoice. Frau Ansehnlich is also regularly available in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. In this interview, we find out more about the lady with the distinctive nickname, which is German and means „pretty“.

Lady Sas: Dear Frau Ansehnlich, please tell us how you became a dominatrix.

Dominatrix Frau Ansehnlich: I discovered this side of myself in my private life relatively early on. As I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills, 2 years ago it was „all or nothing“ and I trained in Hamburg to become a certified professional dominatrix.

Lady Sas: On your website you alternate between „Frau Ansehnlich“ and „Fräulein Ansehnlich“. Do you make no distinction? How did you come up with the name and what is it supposed to express?

Domina Frau Ansehnlich: My stage name is Fräulein Ansehnlich, but since it’s a bit difficult with the Ä, I set up all my accounts under Frau Ansehnlich.

When choosing a name, it was important to me that I stand out from the crowd, that the name is easy to remember and that it doesn’t seem too dominant so that softies and newcomers dare to contact me.

Really very pretty: Dominatrix Frau Ansehnlich

The Mistress about her dominant style

Lady Sas: How would you describe your style of training?

Domina Frau Ansehnlich: Sensually dominant is a pretty good description.

In my sessions I live out both my light and my shadow parts.

For example, I like to look a sub deep in the eye, smile at him and inflict pain at the same time.

Lady Sas: One of your specialties is foot eroticism. Why do almost all subs like female feet, stockings or shoes?

Domina Frau Ansehnlich: I think it’s because the scent of feet is something very personal and intense. Especially as there are a lot of pheromones in sweat.

Women’s feet wrapped in nylons, in elegant pumps is a sign of femininity.

Lying at a woman’s feet is also a great sign of devotion and submission. There are also various theories as to why everything to do with women’s feet is so popular. Ultimately, it’s probably a mixture of all of these.

Lady Sas: Has your view of men changed since you became aware of their desires and wishes as slaves?

Domina Frau Ansehnlich: At first that was my biggest fear, because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take men seriously anymore.

Fortunately, it soon turned out that I was able to create a non-judgmental space. I am grateful that the men share their most secret fantasies with me and talk to me so openly about their needs.

I have gotten to know many great personalities and both the pre- and post-talk ensure that I can continue to perceive the sub as a man.

Domina Koeln
Looking for dominance? With Frau Ansehnlich you’ll find it.
bdsm koeln
Attractive and appealing from all sides.


Nationality: German
Height: 1,73 m
Eye color: brown
Hair: brown
Clothing size: 36
BRA: 75 D
Shoe size: 39,5
Accessibility: Cologne (Homebase), Düsseldorf, Hamburg

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich about inspiration

Lady Sas: What inspires you? How do you come up with new session ideas?

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich: The best ideas always come during the session – if the flow is right. Otherwise, of course, I’m inspired by the slaves‘ ideas and exchanging ideas with colleagues is always helpful.

Lady Sas: Please tell us how you spend your free time.

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich: I enjoy being out in nature with my dog and I’m a passionate horsewoman. I find peace and quiet here and have a nice balance to everyday life.

Lady Sas: You have your home base in Cologne. How did you experience the closure of the traditional Cologne studio SM Art?

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich: Fortunately, it didn’t hit me too hard, as I only offer hotel visits in Cologne. However, as I also like the atmosphere of a studio, I regularly travel to Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

Lady Sas: What is the current state of the professional BDSM scene in Cologne?

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich: Believe it or not, there’s definitely not enough going on for a big city. Things are quite different a few kilometers away in Düsseldorf, for example. Perhaps the scene in Cologne will continue to develop over the next few years. I would at least be pleased.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress Frau Ansehnlich: I have discovered my passion for femdom video productions, including ordered custom clips. I really enjoy realizing my fantasies and those of the slaves with my trusted sub and capturing them on video. Watching a session again in this way is also very cool. I particularly enjoy giving these ideas a very personal touch with my style and manner. We also don’t know what the legal situation will be like in the near future, so of course I also have a second mainstay.

Lady Sas: Thank you very much for the interview.

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