Warsaw Prison 2.0

Warsaw Prison 2.0 by Lady Daria

This article is about the new Warsaw Prison 2.0 by Lady Daria. Readers of my site already know Lady Daria as the strict and beautiful Mistress from Warsaw, who has gathered talented dominant Wardens around her to educate and train convicts and slaves properly. (Click here to read the two older interviews with the Mistress).… Warsaw Prison 2.0 weiterlesen

Lady Daria, Warsaw

Lady Daria from Warsaw

Warsaw Prison is the latest BDSM-project by Lady Daria from Warsaw. In this interview Lady Daria takes the time to explain in detail what Warsaw Prison is all about. After the interview you find the first interview I had the pleasure to arrange with her some years ago. Enjoy! Lady Sas:  Dear Daria, congratulations, you have… Lady Daria, Warsaw weiterlesen

Warsaw Prison: 4 days BDSM

Warsaw Prison, Lady Daria

This interview about Warsaw Prison is something special. Victor is a French blogger (BDSAIME – a submissive’s diary) and slave, who experienced 4 days in the BDSM prision of Lady Daria in Warsaw, Poland. Lady Daria is very popular on this blog. One of my interviews with her is one of the most read article on my pages. So I… Warsaw Prison: 4 days BDSM weiterlesen